Raphael “Afutumix” Adjetey Adjei Mayne (born 1983, Accra-Ghana), studied at Ghanatta
College of Art and Design. His work is a visceral assemblage of diverse facets of Ghanaian
and African sociocultural experiences evoking political, emotional and practically
psychoanalytical connections and cut-aways weaving private and public space realities
unbound by time. The intricately woven youthful patterns from unique fabrics collected from
localities on the coast of Ghana, fixated into an atmosphere of mediums from chalk, acrylic
to charcoal, reflect dynamic portraiture invested in an artistic language integrating the
philosophical concepts of Adinkra and the artist’s childhood memories. An active
compositional storytelling technique where historical contexts make tangents with the
present, and traditional influences fuse modern aesthetics to explore gender politics, social
marginalization and African rural/urban distinctions. Raphael “Afutumix” Mayne’s work has
been shown at international art fairs including AKAA Paris, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, 1-
54 New York, Art Market San Francisco, Art On Paper New York and Sydney Contemporary.
The artist’s works can be found in the MuCEM Collections, Marseille. Raphael currently lives
and works in Cologne, Germany.