The Afutumix foundation is a Ghanaian based non-profit organization set-up by Rapheal Adjetey Adjei Mayne with the aim of improving the social set-up of his community. 

The foundation seeks to provide the basic care and support for the less privileged in society, with greater focus on women and children. Afutumix Foundation will seek to empower the La community and undertake projects that will improve the human capital and social structure of the community as a whole.

The foundation will provide financial assistantship, training and advocacy to beneficiaries to help improve their lives. Areas of top priority to the foundation are;

  1. The provision of educational support to sharp-witted improvised children within the community.
  2. Creation of workshops to equip the less privileged with skills which can be a source of livelihood.
  3. Care and support for the aged.
  4. Community awareness and education on social vices. 
  5. General care and support for less privileged families.


The Afutumix Foundation is committed to ensuring it plays a major role in offering equal opportunities to people within the La community and providing a platform to better the lives of the La people.